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Where will my gift go?

At The Caspian School, we are grateful for gifts of all sizes.  Your gifts go to may causes in order to provide an education to children with God at the center.  We use your gifts for scholarships, day to day operations, building maintenance, community outreach events, and the list goes on.  

Feel free to give to a specific cause, or your donation can to go our general fund and we will allocate for you.  We thank you for your generosity in investing toward our future generation of leaders.

How can I give?

We value your time and investment, so we have numerous ways you may give.  Simply use the link below to give online, stop by the school, or attend one of our fundraising events throughout the year.


Students participate in numerous fundraising activities throughout the year.  Get involved and help support an individual student.


95% of our students receive a scholarship to attend The Caspian School.  40% of all donations are used to help students attend The Caspian School.